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How do speaker LED lights make outdoor events a lot more fun?

Outdoor gatherings are the be-all and end-all for summer. Whether you’re hosting...

Category: news

How do speaker LED lights make outdoor events a lot more fun?

How do speaker LED lights make outdoor events a lot more fun?

Outdoor gatherings are the be-all and end-all for summer. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a pool party with friends or just a movie night under the stars, building a fun and festive environment can make the event so much better. 

But this perfect ambience can be tough to get right, especially when the sun finally sets. Here’s where speakers with built-in LED lights provide a dynamic way to make your open-air events unforgettable!

Speaker LED lights come in a wide range of colours and they can light up your outdoor events and significantly elevate the ambiance to make them so much more fun! So let’s take a look at how speaker LED lights can amp up the fun in your outdoor events.

The allure of LED lights

Gone are the days when you plainly blasted music during outdoor events. Nowadays, you can blend top-notch audio with stunning visual effects with a little help from technology. That being said, speakers with built-in LED lights bring about a whole new dimension to your events, making them transition from ordinary events into bright, multi-sensory ones!

Here are a few ways speaker LED lights can level up your outdoor events;

Set the mood: Colourful LED lights offer a wide spectrum of colours making it easy to set the right ambience for all kinds of events. Need a party atmosphere? Make the speaker lights flicker or change. If you prefer a more casual and intimate setting, change the lights to soft hues, like light blue or yellow. It’s just a matter of using a remote control or smartphone app (depending on the speaker) to adjust the colours and the pattern that will match the vibe you are looking for.

Create a dance floor anywhere: The flashing and strobing effects of LED lights can turn almost any space into a dance floor. Picture yourself dancing away to your favourite music while the speaker flashes its LED lights to match the beat. The dynamic visuals made by the LED lights can create a thrilling atmosphere that can get your guests excited. 

Enhance visual appeal: The truth is that even the best speakers can look rather boring when placed outdoors. In this case, in-built LED lights would automatically make your speaker setup look more impressive. The pulsing lights bring a little bit of a modern look to your events and they can make your speakers the centre of attention.

Boost nighttime visibility: Outdoor safety is extremely important, especially during the night. LED lights can provide an unobtrusive level of lighting to your outdoor party area, which will make it easier for guests to navigate the space without bumping into any outdoor furniture.

Amplify movie nights: LED lights are just what you need to amplify your outdoor movie nights. Hook up the speaker to your projector and the gentle glow of the LEDs can create a natural atmosphere to provide a cinematic effect. Imagine watching an exciting action movie with the lights flashing in sync with the on-screen action—it’s a small but powerful part of the magic!

Choose the right speaker

Now that you know what makes speaker LED lights so great, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the perfect speaker;


Since you will be taking your speaker outside for extended time periods, you should get a speaker that has waterproof capabilities. This way, you won’t need to worry about your speakers getting damaged if it starts raining.

Long battery life

When your speakers are outside, you might not have access to a wall plug. So make sure to choose a speaker that has great battery life, preferably 10-20 hours minimum, so that you can keep the party going all night!

Explore advanced features

Some speaker manufacturers have taken the concept of LED lights to a whole new level by incorporating innovative features;

 Smartphone app control

Most speakers have their own dedicated apps that integrate the music with the LED light effects to give you a great audio/visual experience. The apps let you choose the colour, and pattern and even let you have a light show which is synced to the music playlist.

Multi-speaker pairing

If you have a large outdoor space, choose speakers with the multi-pairing feature. This enables you to connect several speakers simultaneously with LED light effects synced to each other, letting you create a stunning surround-sound effect for your guests.

Voice assistant integration

Some speakers with LED lights are designed to work with popular voice assistants, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This means that you can use voice commands to adjust the volume, skip the tracks, and even change the light modes without having to use your hands.

Speaker LED lights get the party going

Traditional speakers can be a bit dull, but speakers with built-in LED lights can make your outdoor events all the more exciting. The flickering lights synching with the beat can create an incredible party atmosphere that will get your guests pumped up.

So shop for some great extreme speakers today!

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