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SoundExtreme Mounting Bracket SE V3 Kit

  Version 3 of our mounting bracket. Circular brackets mount to outside of the Sound Exreme speaker allowing for 360 degrees of...

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  Version 3 of our mounting bracket. Circular brackets mount to outside of the Sound Exreme speaker allowing for 360 degrees of rotation.

If you want to give your SoundExtreme soundbar mounts a little upgrade, then this set of circular mounting brackets is just what you need.

Like any mounting bracket, these circular mounting brackets let you attach your soundbar to any vehicle, such as ATVs, speed boats, powersports vehicles and much more. Unlike other mounting brackets, however, these allow you to turn your soundbar 360 degrees!

With these mounting brackets, you can orient your SoundExtreme soundbar in different ways; you can turn them forwards so you can listen to music at full blast at outdoor parties when your vehicle is parked or turn the soundbar towards the inside of your vehicle to listen to your favourite jams as you ride with your friends!

These brackets are extremely durable and built to keep your soundbar stable when driving on the rockiest of roads and it’s easy to install and remove, so you can attach it wherever you want in your vehicle. The brackets will keep your soundbars safe from damage and make sure driving on rough terrain won’t affect your music.

They’re made to last a long time and they make a great accessory for your soundbar.

These mounts are compatible with the SoundExtreme 26’’, SoundExtreme 18”, SoundExtreme SEB 26”, and SoundExtreme SEDS 32”.

Please Note: All SoundExtreme's come with the V3 bracket included in the box. This V3 bracket is offered as an additional item if you might want to install your speaker in multiple locations.

    • Circular mounting brackets

    • Rubber pads

    • 2 sets of hose clamps (Medium and Large)

    • Assorted screws of variable lengths, washers and bolts

    • 12v power cable

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