What’s behind the great sound tower speakers produce?

Find out how tower speakers can make your outdoor adventures so much more exciting and what helps to power the great sound tower speakers make.

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Loud, Crystal-Clear

and amazingly rugged

If you’re a music enthusiast who enjoys the wonders of nature and fun activities in the great outdoors, then an amazing speaker can make your adventures much more exciting!

Whether it’s blasting your favourite song on your boat, ATV, or backyard, you need a speaker system that can not only deliver powerful sound but also survive what nature throws at them—this is where tower speakers come in!

What are high-quality 

tower speakers?

Towers speakers are designed to be cylindrical and they’re designed to be mounted on top of bars and poles. They’re great for use on watercraft, off-road vehicles like ATVs or in all kinds of outdoor environments, like the beach or at your favourite camping site.

 If you’re looking for an incredible sound system for your off-road vehicle or just a great speaker to play your favourite jams outdoors, tower speakers are the way to go!

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What makes tower speakers ideal for all adventures?

Here’s a look at some of the amazing features tower speakers bring to the table;

Weatherproof and durable

These speakers are constructed to stand the test of time. They're made of long-lasting materials like aluminium and heavy-duty plastic and feature coverings and grills that can resist water, dust, and salt. This makes them perfect for all kinds of outdoor environments like the beach or the woods.

Easy to install

The speakers are designed to be fastened on poles, bars or towers that are already installed on your boat, ATV or backyard. They come with attachments like clamps, brackets and adapters to make the installation process easier. The speakers also feature a swivel mechanism to direct the sound at a chosen angle.

They’re stylish and customisable

Tower speakers have a sleek and modern design that makes them the ideal match for your vehicle or outdoor space. They have great designs that can match your style and personality. These speakers also come equipped with vibrant LED lights that sync with your music and create a cool and vibrant atmosphere.

So what’s behind the

Great Sound Tower Speakers


Tower speakers are equipped with oversized drivers and tweeters that can play music at high volumes without any annoying distortion.

They also boast audio in a broader angle, so that your music can cover a wide area. This makes them perfect for outdoor spaces where there's too much background noise that your audio needs to cut through and overpower, there you have it—this is the secret behind the great sound tower speakers make.

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SoundExtreme—the most rugged speakers around

Whether you’re an off-road fan, an avid sailor or someone who just loves the outdoors, SoundExtreme has a range of powerful and rugged speakers for every music lover.

We have an amazing selection of speakers and accessories, including tower speakers and soundbars. All our speakers are designed to pump out amazing audio and stand up to the harshest weather conditions.So if you’re looking for speakers that can go the distance—choose SoundExtreme!

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